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Tour de Fort Concert Series

is a non-profit organization run totally by volunteers. Every dollar raised through the sale of passports and the generous support of sponsors as well as advertisers goes back into the concert series and to support the performing arts in the community.

Rainy River District Festival of the Perfoming Arts

The Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts is organized by the Rainy River District Music Festival Association. It was established in 1933, and has missed only 7 years since its beginning.

Festival 2010 will be held April 12 to April 24, 2010
Piano April 12 to 16
Vocal April 19 to 21
Drama April 22 to 23
Instrumental April 20 and 21

Fort Frances Little Theatre

(also known as Actors Without Borders) is a non profit, community-driven organization that has been in existence for over 35 years. The mandate for the group is to promote live theatre in the Rainy River District. The group's repertoire consists of dinner theatre, full length productions and short vignettes.

    The Border Concerts

    is a series of musical concerts held in International Falls, Minnesota, at Backus Auditorium. There are usually 6 to 8 concerts per year, that run through the fall and winter months.

    Sporting Events

    Canadian Bass Championship

    Borderland Racing

    The Borderland Snowmobile Club

    The club oversees the maintenance and grooming of snowmobile trails that run throughout the Rainy River District.

    Fees for riding on prescribed OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobilers Club) trails, the fees are (in Canadian funds):

    OFSC 2014-2015 fees are as listed below
      To Nov 1 (online only) is $180
      to Dec 1 (online and PSE) is $210
      After Dec 1 (online and PSE) is $260
      Classic sled
      to Dec 1 (online and PSE)is $140
      after Dec 1 (online and PSE)is $170
      3 Days is $75 (online and local printing)
      7 days is $140 (online and local printing)

    OFSC 2014-2015 fees are as listed below:
      To Nov 1 (online only) is $180, to Dec 1 (online and PSE) is $210, After Dec 1 (online and PSE) is $260

     Classic sled  to Dec 1 (online and PSE)is $140,  after Dec 1 (online and PSE)is $170

     3 Days is $75 (online and local printing),  7 days is $140 (online and local printing)

    If you would like to be sent brochures, maps or more information, please call 807-937-2137 and leave a message.

    Muskie Sports

    The Town of Fort Frances is the proud home of the Fort Frances High School Muskie athlethic teams. Muskie sporting events provide great entertainment for Fort Frances and the Rainy River District.

    Community Arts and Heritage Project