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Visions of Fort Frances: Mixed-Media Representations of Fort Frances & the Surrounding Area

From now until May 10th!

The pieces chosen for this exhibit, Visions of Fort Frances: Mixed-Media Representations of Fort Frances & the Surrounding Area, all represent scenery or landmarks from Fort Frances or the surrounding area as interpreted through the eyes of the artists who created them. Beside some of the pieces you will see a reference photo of the site or building that the artist depicted in their work.

The art collection at the Fort Frances Museum & Cultural Centre contains over 100 pieces created by local artists in various mediums. These artworks consist of acrylic and oil paintings, watercolours, pencil sketches, pen and ink drawings, and more. Furthermore, pieces in the collection illustrate a variety of styles, including realism, expressionism, abstract, and modernism. A mixture of these mediums and styles was selected for display to provide the viewer with a diverse spectrum of artistic expressions from within their own community.

Overall, this exhibit invites the viewer to reflect on their community and gain an appreciation for the beauty that can be found in everyday life.

Kayleigh Speirs, Museum Curator

'Rainy River Valley:Beginnings'

Please be sure to get your copy of 'Rainy River Valley: Beginnings', featuring the work of photographer, William Hampden Tener, who resided here in the late 1890s and early 1900s. Researched and organized by historian and author, Merv Ahrens, the book is an invaluable collection of images from our past, particularly as it portrays our community at work and play. The book is available at the Museum and Betty's of Fort Frances for $25. 

Strategic Plan (PDF)

With the assistance of Sandra Brunetta, we are gathering the personal histories of our residents. If you would like to help out, the form is below. This should be used as a guide only as each person is different. Once collected, we hope you will leave a copy with the museum. Thank you.

Interview form (PDF)