Educational Programs

The Fort Frances Museum offers curriculum related Education Programs for school classes. Programs can include a video presentation, artifact discovery, or craft activity.

Discovering History


Featuring photographs and illustrations from the museum's collection and reference materials.

First Nations

Explore 10,000 years in the Rainy River District and the lifestyle changes through the cultural periods.  Archaeology, tool making, pottery decoration, rock painting, birch bark, beading, and design.

Explorers and the Fur Trade

Explorers, fur trade companies, the life of the voyageur, and the effect on the first nations are discussed in terms of local and Canadian History.

The Pioneers

Life of the early settler in the Rainy River District - transportation, establishing a homestead, and day-to-day chores and work.

Forest Industry

The harvest and processing of the forest is followed from the pioneer lumberman to the development of the primary industry of pulp and paper.

Community History

A general overview of local history from 9,000 BC to the present. Including prehistoric peoples, the fur trade, settlement, transportation, and industrialization.

Built Heritage

A look at the built history of Fort Frances through architectural styles, well known landmarks, and hidden treasures.


  • Make the Curriculum Connection
  • Offer a unique hands on experience
  • Explore with Artefacts
  • Discover through Activities
  • Experience Arts and Crafts

All materials are provided.

Have your own ideas? Contact us and we will work with you to develop a program to meet your needs!