Start Date: 
2023-07-07 19:30:00
Completion Date: 
2023-07-07 19:30:00

The Policy Directions and Recommendations Report has been finalized and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

The Final Report incorporates the input received from the second round of consultations with Town staff, Council, and members of the community at the second Public Open House held in June. The recommendations in the Final Report will form the basis for preparing the Town’s Draft New Official Plan, which is anticipated to be ready for public review in Fall 2023 and will be presented at a future public open house in Fort Frances.

The next public open house will also delve into key zoning issues that will be addressed through the review of the Town’s Zoning By-law, which is happening concurrently with the Official Plan Review.

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The Final Policy Directions and Recommendations Report (August 2023) is now available for review:

For those who were unable to attend the public open house, the presentation and display boards are also available to view at the links below:

 To submit questions or comments, please contact: