What is a FoodCycler?

The FoodCycler™ is a closed-loop indoor compost alternative, which speeds up the natural decomposition process through aerobic digestion of waste. The unit dries and grinds food waste into a dry, odourless, nutrient-dense by-product that is significantly reduced in weight and volume from its unprocessed state. The end product is free from bacteria, and weed seeds and food-borne pathogens are eliminated in the process.

What is the Pilot Project all about? What do I need to do if I am selected to participate?

You will need to track use of your FoodCycler unit for a 12 week trial period. During this time you can use the unit as much or as little as you need or want. You are required to track how often you run the FoodCycler (i.e. how many cycles). You will be provided with a simple tracking sheet when you receive your unit.

At the end of 12 weeks there will be another quick survey you are required to complete. The survey shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to complete and will be comprised mostly of multiple choice questions related to your experience using the FoodCycler and your waste management practices.

How much does it cost?

Cost to purchase a unit through this trial program will be $175 plus HST.

What happens to my FoodCycler after the 12-week pilot project?

You own your FoodCycler, you are welcome to do whatever you like with the unit after the 12 week trial. We hope that you will continue to use it to divert food waste from landfill.

Why is the Town partnering in this project?

This is an initiative to address organic waste diversion in our Community. This trial program is evaluating use of FoodCyclers as a way of reducing the amount of organic waste going to landfill and reducing the amount of food waste in our Community.