The Official Plan sets out the vision, goals, objectives, and policies for growth and development within the City for the next 25 years. An Official Plan is the cornerstone for decision-making related to land use and development, and must be kept current to reflect the vision and goals the community is trying to achieve.

An Official Plan helps to ensure:

  • Compatibility of neighbouring land uses (e.g. residential, commercial, employment, parks and open space)
  • An appropriate mix and amount of development
  • Effective management and/or protection of natural resources
  • Protection and preservation of natural and cultural heritage resources
  • Cost-effective and timely delivery of infrastructure and municipal services
  • Protection of surface and groundwater
  • Sustainable economic and community growth.

Specific policies in each of these areas provide direction on how development should occur. The Official Plan also includes a series of Schedules (maps) that identify a series of land use designations where specific existing and future land uses are permitted.