Commissioner of Oath

By virtue of their office under the Municipal Act, the Municipal Clerk and Deputy Clerk are Commissioners of Oaths. 

Many documents require that the person signing the document do so under oath before a Commissioner of Oaths.  (If you object to taking a sworn oath, solemnly affirming the document is also acceptable.)  A Commissioner of Oaths is also authorized to create certified copies of original documents. 

Things to Know

Read the document completely in advance of arriving at the Civic Centre.  This is extremely important as you will be swearing / affirming and ultimately signing that the statements in the document are true as if you were in a court of law.  Ensure that you have everything you need including letters of instruction, completed documents and original identification (copies will not be accepted as proof of identification).

Sworn, (Affirmed or Declared) Before me at location in the Province of Ontario, on this date day of month, year name A Commissioner for taking Affidavits for Ontario

Documents that can be signed by a Commissioner of Oath

Click here for a list and explanation of what documents a Commissioner of Oath can and cannot sign. 

Travel Consent Letters

It is recommended that children travelling abroad carry a consent letter proving they have permission to travel from every person with the legal right to make major decisions on their behalf.  Commissioners of Oath can sign these travel letters.  More information about travelling abroad with children is available on the Government of Canada’s website:

The Town of Fort Frances charges a fee for Commissioning documents.  Please click here to view the most up to date User Fee schedule.

Signing of documents by a Commissioner of Oath is by appointment only. Please call the Town Office to schedule an appointment on 807 274-5323